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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Happiest of Days! It's the Un-Birthday Party Reveal!

Having this much fun and meeting so many awesome people has been such a gift!  More than ever the world needs beauty, and celebration of the ordinary and the unexpected.  Thank you Marlene and Shelley for coordinating this effort and motivating all this wonderfulness to transpire.  

My partner for the Very Merry UnBirthday event was Gina Hockett from Snowflake, Arizona.  This woman is super incredible!  A mere couple of days after receiving our partner assignments, Gina underwent surgery for a full knee replacement and was bed-ridden and or house-bound for most of this event.  I was amazed that she would undertake anything besides her own challenging recovery in the weeks to follow and yet she made the most beautiful, sparkle-y necklace and earring set to celebrate my March birthday.  I feel like a princess!!!

Gina also has a real keeper for a husband . . . he is one guy who definitely has his priorities straight and that is to take care of his girl!!!  Way to go, Gina's husband!!! Thank you so much Gina for gifting me with your talent and grace. Getting to know you a bit has been the most precious gift of all!!!

Now Gina celebrates her birthday in February with amethyst as her birthstone color.  I created this simple peyote stitch bracelet with amethyst delicas, used gold seed beads for the trim and a gold sliding clasp.  I embellished it with a filigree fitting mounted with amethyst Swarovsky crystal bicones.  A dangling golden Swarovsky crystal heart, symbolizing our new friendship, was the finishing touch.  My pictures unfortunately didn't capture the beautiful gradated purple tones of these beads, but I was very happy to send this gift to my new special friend to celebrate the day of her birth.

Thanks to all my fellow artists whose work inspires me greatly.  Please visit their blog sites also to see all the amazing creations from their hands and hearts. 

The rest of the 'unbirthday' party artists 

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Alicia Marinache

Anzia Parks

Audrey Belanger

Cheri Reed

Cheryl Dunham

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Christine Schlicht

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D Lynne Bowland  
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Sherry Baun

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Sierra Barrett

Susan Bowie

Susie Harris

Mowse Doyle

Cindy Muse

Ellie Grossman

Marlene Cupo - host

Shelley Graham Turner - host

Saturday, April 13, 2013

My First EVER Bead Soup Reveal!

Oh happy day!!!  The day of my very first Bead Soup Reveal!!!  I have been blessed to be a part of this amazing artist colony for the past couple of months and this experience has taken me to a new level in my personal artistic endeavors.  I sincerely appreciate the efforts of our coordinator Lori Anderson whose vision and work on this project has been nothing less than super-human.  Bravo to you Lori and my heartfelt thanks!  

I was also blessed with the amazing Alice Craddick as my partner.  This incredible woman has faced so many difficulties with so much grace in the short time I have known her.  Despite all of her challenges, she still managed to get her project posted ahead of me and it is so very lovely.  Who knew that my humble bead offering could be turned into masterpieces such as hers!!!  You can visit Alice's blog at:   Bravo and many thanks to you, dear Alice!!!  You are my very first Bead Soup partner and will always hold a special place in my heart!

As a relatively new beader, I found myself incredibly humbled and challenged by the task of creating something unique and enduring out this soup I received from Alice.

I struggled greatly with the orange and green bugle beads and decided early on that I did not want to do a holiday related piece.  The red jade focal was so gorgeous and I was terrified that I wouldn't do it justice.  I struggled greatly with "beader's block" and even felt at one point that I would need to pull out of this project.  I know however, that one of the most profound strengths we can develop in our lives is the ability to face our fears and Churchhill's words ~ "never give up . . . never surrender" ~ have guided me through many of my journey's challenges.  And so I looked with new eyes and renewed faith and found possibilities that fired my creative imaginings.  I saw warmth in the rich hues of the seed beads, tenacity and enduring strength in the bronze beads and fittings, and comfort and security in the duel clasps.  This new found inspiration motivated me to try new techniques ~ Kumihimo beaded braiding, metal working and wire-wrapping ~ and it was through these endeavors I ultimately satisfied my personal challenge for this project.  The name of my piece is GENESIS because it truly symbolizes the evolution of my artistic abilities.

Thanks to all the other artists whose work has been so incredibly inspiring to me.  For your own generous dose of inspiration, check out all their amazing creations at: