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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Beads of Courage ~ 2014

Welcome to my wanderware blog site and to my very first Art Charm exchange and Beads of Courage reveal!   This is an annual event hosted by the amazing Jennifer Cameron of Glass Addictions where a select number of artists make 11 charms to be shared and auctioned.  I found this event last year during the auction and after bidding on the incredible charms made by artists from far and near to benefit the Beads of Courage program. I knew that I needed to be a part of this.

Beads of Courage is an organization that provides arts-in-medicine for seriously ill children.  This program is found in over 150 children's hospitals worldwide and currently supports over 30,000 children.  Based in Tucson, Arizona, Beads of Courage was founded in 2003 by Jean Baruch, an RN who sought to fill gaps in the areas that support seriously ill children and their families by providing the program as a resilience-based intervention.  Beads are used because they symbolize strength and courage and throughout history were used to award bravery and accomplishment as well as providing protection and healing.  The charms made by the artists in this exchange are being auctioned off as a fundraiser for this unique program and all the kids and families that benefit from it.  Please visit the auction site at:

Many thanks to Jennifer for her dedication to this important cause and for all the artists who contributed charms from their hands and their hearts.  Blog links are listed below for your hopping enjoyment!

my collection
my auction charm
~ my favorite ~

the one that came home

Here are the participants in the Art Charm Exchange. Hop on over to their blogs.

Jennifer Cameron:

Alenka Obid:

Alicia Marinache:

Andrea Glick:

Caroline Dewison:

Cassi Paslick:

Cate van Alphen:

Cheri Reed:

Chris Eisenberg:

Cory Tompkins:

Elisabeth Auld:

Genevieve Gabbert:

Jami Shipp:

Jenny Davies-Reazor:

Jill Bradley:

Kim Dworak:

Lee Koopman:

Lennis Carrier:

Lesley Watt:

Mallory Hoffman:

Melissa Trudinger:

Michelle McCarthy:

Monique Urquhart:

Moriah Betterly:

Nancy Dale:

Nancy Smith:

Niky Sayers:

Perri Jackson:

Renetha Stanziano:

Shai Williams:

Sheila Prosterman:

Susan Delaney:

Susan Kennedy:

Terri DelSignore:

Toltec Jewels:

Vanessa Gilkes:

2014 theme ~ SOAR