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Saturday, February 22, 2014

icicles ~ Winter Sparkle Blog Hop

For this winter-time celebration of sparkling beautifulness, I decided to take a different approach to the creative process than I normally would.  Instead of challenging myself to the point of craziness, I chose to relax and just make something beautiful using techniques that I was already competent with. It wasn't so easy though, trying to incorporate the abundance, variety and unique sizes of beads that I had received from our hostess, Lisa (aka ~ Sparkle Queen!) I finally decided on a simple St. Petersburg chain which practically begged to have all the crystal and Czech glass drops dangling from it! 
Hence, my icicle necklace was born.

Tears of snow
held suspended
in winter’s
icy grasp
drop by

~ Elaine Magliaro

But now, what to do with the incredible pile of  beads I had remaining???  In compliance with Lisa's information sheet which states that we should "use as many beads from this bead kit as you can," I decided to put together my very first jewelry set which included these simple icicle earrings . . .  

and finally this super cool, super sparkle-y icicle bracelet.

While I didn't quite accomplish the "not driving myself crazy" part, I don't think I could have crammed more sparkle-y goodness into one blog post if I tried!!!  The full set all together is almost blinding with sparkle!!!

Many thanks to our amazing hostess, Lisa Lodge, for helping us all so successfully combat the grayness of these long winter days with so much light and beauty and hope.  Please visit all of my fellow "sparkle experts" blog sites to be further dazzled and delighted by their contributions at: