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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Summer Carnival - Ferris Wheel

Earlier this summer, a package of wonderful surprises arrived for me from the ever faithful Lisa Lodge to inspire my creative impulses for this summertime challenge.  Out of this terrific collection, I selected the components in the black tray for my carnival creation.

My initial idea came quickly (which is really unusual) and was seriously amazing!  I have been wanting to explore metal and bead combinations more as well as develop my metal working techniques, and this challenge with these materials seemed to fit this purpose wonderfully.  The history and images of highly decorative carousel ponies captured my imagination and this picture I found on shutterstock became my starting point.

I found a piece of scrap copper sheeting that I transferred the outline of this prancing pony onto and got to work.  It was at this point, however, that my troubles began and they centered around the fact that I did not have the correct tools for this endeavor.  I spent a tremendously long time stubbornly trying to make what I did have work and was surprisingly successful until I came to the cutout for the tail.  There was no way that was going to happen with my sad assortment of rudimentary "tools."  I decided to shelve my attempt until I acquired the necessary equipment and could do justice in real life with what I had created so perfectly in my mind.  This is how far I got ~

Someday I will post my finished piece which I intended to name "merry" . . . do not hold your breath for that reveal however, as my life is seriously crazy and I have no $$$ to buy tools right now! Any recommendations on "must have" tools though, would be greatly appreciated!!!

So now as time was running out, I needed to whip something together for the quickly approaching deadline.  I decided to go with a technique I knew and something that was more symbolic visually than realistic (like my carousel pony.)  I settled on the iconic ferris wheel and made a simple focal piece suspended on a complementary brass chain.  I think it captures the open airiness of the structure, suggests the suspension and rotation of the individual seats and incorporates the festive colors and lights of a carnival at night.  For once I did not try to "hide" my weaving lines since they perfectly represented the architecture of the wheel as well as the sense of holding it all together . . . just as in my miniature rendition.  Enjoy!


Thank you for visiting my wanderware blog site today and for your ongoing commitment to your art which so obviously makes the world a happier and more beautiful place.  Applause and bouquets once again to you, Lisa, for all your hard work and inspiration.  Please visit the sites below for more summertime delights!

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  1. I love your ferris wheel! It is just too perfect.

  2. Wow, I was liking your metal horse, can't wait to see how you finish that up. You're doing great with the tools that you have. Your Ferris wheel necklace is awesome.

  3. I love your pendant. I aspire to that kind of skill and precision! I hope you had fun with your horse. It will be great when you finish it. There are so many things I don't have proper tools for, but every little step forward is an accomplishment.

  4. Your pendant is amazing, so carnival, and cheerful! I hope you will manage to finish your horse pendant as you wish and that you will share it with us.

  5. Hi Chris your pendant is gorgeous. It is perfect for a ferris wheel. The colors are bright like a carnival. The pendant does indeed suggest movement. Great job.

  6. Love the ferris wheel pendant. Look forward to seeing the finished merry go round horse as sometime in the future!

  7. What a gorgeous pendant, Chris! The colors are just beautiful. Looks just like the ferris wheel. Thanks also for the kind words. I am glad you were in the hop!

  8. Gorgeous pendant, I love it.

  9. What a great interpretation of a ferris wheel. I have one that I didn't finish in time, same as your merry go round horse. In time we'll both finish. I love your iconic retro ferris wheel.

  10. I, too, had a project I started for this one but didn't finish. Some day! However, your idea looks like it's off to a great start & you did a wonderful job cutting out your horse.
    The beaded ferris wheel is gorgeous! I can see it hanging on a multi colored small beads beaded necklace. It's so pretty!

  11. If I could pick only one ride at the carnival, it would be the Ferris Wheel!..thrilling being so high-up off the ground during the daytime and such vibrant pretty lights at night! Your piece is a wonderful representation! Love it!