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Monday, August 4, 2014

Haberdashery Blog Hop - "Re-knewed"

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Welcome to my wanderware site and to a most unusual challenge ~ the very first Haberdashery Blog Hop - the brainchild of Melissa Trudinger of BeadRecipes from Melbourne, Australia.  This is Melissa's first time hosting a blog hop and she challenged the participants to raid their fabric and trims stash to create jewelry pieces out of whatever they found.  The descriptive subtitle for my wanderware line is "jewelry for the adventurous soul" and having a soul that fully meets that description made this a very fun endeavor for me!

I am very interested in upcycling materials and have been toying around with adding a line of these sorts of pieces to my wanderware collection.  I would call this collection "re-knewed" which suggests the ability to enjoy something old and worn out in an completely new and unlikely manner.  In a huge way, this blog hop has helped me jump start this new line and I am grateful to Melissa for setting the opportunity before me.

My first piece uses strips of material from four of my daughter's old t-shirts.  I had already cut out the front panels to use for a t-shirt quilt but couldn't get myself to throw the remaining fabric away knowing that there existed a perfectly wonderful destiny for it!  I braided these strips using a Kumihimo disc and came up with a soft, flexible eye-catching rope.  I added a peyote beaded tube of brass triangle beads, brass end caps, a gold rolo style chain and a magnetic clasp to finish the piece.  I thought I might add something dangling from the beaded tube but also really liked it just the way it is (which was convenient since I was running out of creating time!)  Who knew that old t-shirts could become such an intriguing piece of jewelry?!

I was having so much fun that I returned to my stash and began playing with old torn up denim jeans.  I cut the inseam strips from some jeans and rolled them up tightly to make solid flat fabric circles, arranged them  symmetrically and bound them together with black leather lacing.  I added a ceramic tube bead at the bottom, brass circles on the top two rolls and finished it with a complimentary brass chain.  This is definitely a bold piece and with the right outfit would make quite a statement!

Loads of thanks to you, Melissa Trudinger, for this wonderful "out of the box" challenge and for being instumental in helping me open this new line of wanderware.  I too had three blog hops this past weekend in addition to many other demands and appreciate the leniency of posting a bit late.  I look forward to seeing all the other pieces that the artists below have created and invite you to visit their sites as well!  Happy hopping!

Melissa Trudinger   - hostess            
Ann Schroeder                                       
Tammy Adams                                        
Amanda Wacasey                                 
Dolores Raml                                          
Divya N                                                   
Michelle McCarthy                               
DiYana Brooks                                       
Robin Kae Reed                                     
Andrea Glick                                          
Karin Grosset Grange                           
Mitzie Crider                                          
Janine Lucas                                          
Rosantia Petkova                                 
Susan Kennedy                                      
Leithleach Alainn Seodra                   
Kathleen Breeding                                
Shiraz Biggie                                          
Chris Eisenberg                                     
Heather Richter                                    
Lennis Carrier                                        
Rebecca Anderson                               
Jenny Kyrlach                                         
Rita Toltec Jewels                                
Mischelle Fanucci                                 
Karen Mitchell                                       
Carol Briody                                           
Karla Morgan                                        
Carolyn Lawson                                    
Lori Anderson                                        
Jami Shipp                                              
Lili Krist                                                   
Evelyn Shelby                                         
Raissa de Guzman                                
Niky Sayers                                            
Keren Panthaki                                      

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Choosy Chicks Choose Chicklets - simple gifts

The perfect challenge for a summer blog hop coupled the time, energy and imagination of Rita (Toltec Jewels) with Sue Kennedy's Chicklet beads (SueBeads.)  I received a beautiful orange and yellow hued chicklet for my project and had all sorts of fun dreaming of ways in which to utilize it in a piece of jewelry.  I decided to go with a super simple design that really focused on the artistry of the focal piece to honor the amazing work that Sue has done.  I combined my lovely little bead with leather cording and Swarovsky crystal cubes in an earthy but elegant wrap bracelet.  I loved it so much that I wore it to church this morning and it sold right off my wrist!  I think I will order a chicklet in every color and make up an assortment for my next ArtWalk in September.  Here is my creation . . . simple gifts.

Thanks Rita for a wonderful little diversion in the midst of life's craziness and for inspiring simplicity when it truly was needed.  Bravo to you Sue Kennedy for your talents and artistry . . . you are a treasure to us all and I am so glad to have found you through this challenge!!!   Please be sure to browse through all the other sweet chicklet designs found in the sites below!
Guest of Honor & Featured Artist:  Susan Kennedy
Sue Kennedy's blogs:                               SueBeads...A Beady Girl's blog
                                                              Art Jewelry Elements
Sue Kennedy's website                            SueBeads
SueBeads Art Beads                                SueBeads

Toltec Jewels                                 

Linda Anderson                              
Jennifer Reno                                  
Shirley Moore                                 
Kristen Stevens                               
Marybeth Rich                                
Jael Thorp                                        
Melissa Trudinger                          
Andrea Glick                                   
Nan Smith                                        
Blanca Medina                                
Shai Williams                                   
Carolyn Lawson                              
Rana Wilson                                    
Robin Reed                                      
Robin Showstack                            
Sheila Prosterman                            
Karla Morgan                                   
Kari Asbury                                      you are here :)
Kelly Rodgers                                  
Jayne Capps                                     
Mischelle Andrade Fanucchi        
Heather Richter                                
Chris Eisenberg                                
Kathleen Breeding                           
Linda Landig                                     
Crystal Thain                                    
Cheri Reed                                        
Heather d-Entremont                       
Dini Bruinsma                                   
Lori Schneider                                 
Tammy Adams                                 
Melinda Orr                                      
Lennis Carrier                                   
Cynthia Machata                             
Elizabeth Hodges                            
Debbie Rasmussen                         
Tanya McGuire                               
Charlie Jacka                                    
Ev Shelby                                         
Sharyl McMillian-Nelson             

 Jasvanti Patel                                

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Summer Carnival - Ferris Wheel

Earlier this summer, a package of wonderful surprises arrived for me from the ever faithful Lisa Lodge to inspire my creative impulses for this summertime challenge.  Out of this terrific collection, I selected the components in the black tray for my carnival creation.

My initial idea came quickly (which is really unusual) and was seriously amazing!  I have been wanting to explore metal and bead combinations more as well as develop my metal working techniques, and this challenge with these materials seemed to fit this purpose wonderfully.  The history and images of highly decorative carousel ponies captured my imagination and this picture I found on shutterstock became my starting point.

I found a piece of scrap copper sheeting that I transferred the outline of this prancing pony onto and got to work.  It was at this point, however, that my troubles began and they centered around the fact that I did not have the correct tools for this endeavor.  I spent a tremendously long time stubbornly trying to make what I did have work and was surprisingly successful until I came to the cutout for the tail.  There was no way that was going to happen with my sad assortment of rudimentary "tools."  I decided to shelve my attempt until I acquired the necessary equipment and could do justice in real life with what I had created so perfectly in my mind.  This is how far I got ~

Someday I will post my finished piece which I intended to name "merry" . . . do not hold your breath for that reveal however, as my life is seriously crazy and I have no $$$ to buy tools right now! Any recommendations on "must have" tools though, would be greatly appreciated!!!

So now as time was running out, I needed to whip something together for the quickly approaching deadline.  I decided to go with a technique I knew and something that was more symbolic visually than realistic (like my carousel pony.)  I settled on the iconic ferris wheel and made a simple focal piece suspended on a complementary brass chain.  I think it captures the open airiness of the structure, suggests the suspension and rotation of the individual seats and incorporates the festive colors and lights of a carnival at night.  For once I did not try to "hide" my weaving lines since they perfectly represented the architecture of the wheel as well as the sense of holding it all together . . . just as in my miniature rendition.  Enjoy!


Thank you for visiting my wanderware blog site today and for your ongoing commitment to your art which so obviously makes the world a happier and more beautiful place.  Applause and bouquets once again to you, Lisa, for all your hard work and inspiration.  Please visit the sites below for more summertime delights!

Our hostess:  Lisa Lodge, A Grateful Artist
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