For where your treasure is, there shall your heart be also. ~ Matthew 6:21

Friday, February 24, 2012


After decades of self doubt, I have finally shed my fears and inhibitions and am putting that energy into learning how to use some of the amazing technology available to me.  For years I have been content to depend on my brilliant husband and techno-proficient kids to get me through all my computer related crises.  It has been, however, an incredible source of frustration for me to have my ineptness constantly spotlighted, and recently the resulting sense of helplessness has motivated me to take control.  I have always had the conviction that I could do anything if I needed or wanted to bad enough and this project was no exception.  In the past two weeks, I have taught myself how to take decent pictures and how to upload them and manage them on my computer. Even more amazingly, I have created and launched a website for my Wanderware venture and have even enjoyed some sales in this first week.  I am truly more an artist-person than a business-person, but I have bravely stepped out of my comfort zone and am experiencing incredible personal growth through this process.  I am  empowered and excited for what lies ahead!

I warmly invite you to visit my Wanderware site at to view my collection and I look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.  Adventures are always good for the soul and I appreciate you being a part of this adventure with me!

"From this hour I ordain myself loos'd of limits and imaginary lines. Going where I list, my own master, total and absolute. Listening to others, and considering well what they say. Pausing, searching, receiving, contemplating. Gently but with undeniable will, divesting myself of the holds that would hold me."  ~ Walt Whitman

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