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Saturday, November 16, 2013


  Nov. Blog Hop

I had so much fun with all of you on the Summer Color Surprise blog hop that I couldn't resist joining this one despite knowing that my schedule was already so full.  I tried to be prudent by ordering the smallest kit thinking that less beads would make the challenge so much easier . . . oh my, not so!  I received five beads that were all so different from each other that I couldn't imagine what to do with them.  I need structure!!!  I need direction!!!  I need a pattern!!!  (sigh)  I took these beads everywhere, looking at them in different lighting and in a variety of settings but nothing came to me.  I was doomed . . . 

So I went sailing.  On the boat the only book I happened to have was Sherry Serafini's Sensational Bead Embroidery which I had never bothered to open because I just knew I would never do anything that crazy.  But it was the only book I had to read and Sherry promised that this was the perfect medium for the creative, restless soul and . . . well . . . honestly . . . it just kind of possessed me.  I was definitely out of my league and in way, way, WAY over my head.  I seriously had no idea what I was doing or even how to start but I tried hard to embrace the ideals of spontaneity and freedom that the book espoused.  Sherry suggested that one start with the focal bead and let it tell you what the final piece wanted to be.  My focal was a beautiful little sea turtle (White Clover Kiln) and he truly spoke to me and guided my hand and heart in this humbling but growth-filled first attempt at bead embroidery.  In addition to the four other incredible beads (by Grubbi) from my kit, I used only what I had in my stash and this is what I created ~

This piece depicts the baby sea turtle's initial heroic struggle as it travels from it's onshore nest to the ocean, a large number falling prey to natural predators.  I named my piece endangered because, sadly, even those arriving safely to their ocean home are gravely affected by man-made causes . . . pollution and global warming.  As a scuba instructor and lover of our beautiful undersea world, I am passionate and fully committed to its conservation and preservation.  A percentage of all wanderware sales is donated to Project Aware - a movement of scuba divers whose mission is to protect the ocean planet one dive at a time.

Instead of jewelery, I am mounting this piece on a beautiful leather box that interestingly has a clock inside.  Perhaps this reminds us that time is running out on our ability to protect and preserve so much of our planet.
I am interested in auctioning endangered and donating 100% of the proceeds to Project Aware.  Any suggestions on how to do this effectively would be greatly appreciated.

scuba welcome

Thank you Lisa Lodge for this opportunity to truly be a "creator" and to all these amazing artists whose creations inspire me daily.  Check out their Lampwork and Clay challenge pieces at the sites below.

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  1. Chris - I was rendered almost speechless by this post (and as people who know me can attest - that almost never happens)! The journey and the process really touched me, and the final product is a true work of art. Well done, my friend - well done. Thanks for being in the hop!

    1. That means a lot coming from you Lisa! I wanted to thank you too for the beautiful beads you sent me for the give-away I won. I am sure you will see those popping up in a blog challenge in the future. Take care of yourself and get that new camera soon . . . you deserve it!!!

  2. Holy cow! That was your first attempt at bead embroidery?! I can't even imagine what your next piece will be like. Breathtaking!

    1. I can assure you that my next piece will be much more realistic now that I have a clue of what something like this takes!!! Thanks so much for your supportive comments!

  3. O M G....that is a stunning piece. This is where I want my seed beading to go....I am stocking up on those books by the famous artist that do this and that is my goal for next year. But thanks so much for you is just awe inspiring!

    1. Go for it Vera! I got three books that I really love and that were so helpful . . . Sherry's book I mentioned in my blog, then also a book she co-authored with Heidi Kummli called "The Art of Bead Embroidery" , and finally "Dimensional Bead Embroidery by Jamie Cloud Eakin. My next piece will be much smaller and simpler now that I know how time consuming it is but I am very glad I was brave enough to try it out! I really appreciate your comments!

  4. Gorgeous piece and I love your story of inspiration. I also like that you are using this lovely piece as home decor. Fabulous job!

    1. Thanks Dee! I just couldn't imagine anyone wearing this on any part of their body so it made sense to me. I also think that more men would be interested in bidding on it in this form. My next piece is going to be a very small bracelet . . . need to be more sane!!!

  5. Chris, You've inspired me! I've wanted to do a seed beading piece like this for soooo long! Wow doesn't even describe your work - awesome, fabulous, outstanding, GORGEOUS, beautiful, ..... !!!!

    1. Oh my gosh, Karla . . . thank you for your sweet comments. I think you should try this some time . . . it is very humbling but anyone who can make those world class jams should be able to handle this! You go girl!!!

  6. Oh my. All I can say is, that is gorgeous. I'm always in awe of those of you that can do seed beading like that. I definitely don't have the patience. And love that it will be mounted to that clock. What a great piece and great inspiration.

    1. Kay . . . I really appreciate your comments and am so glad to get that vote of confidence for the clock. It wasn't really what I had envisioned but I was so busy trying to finish the beading that I did not have enough time to search for what I wanted. I thought it worked though and now you have convinced me. Thanks so much!

  7. Wow, and double wow!!! I love Sherry Serafini too and believe me she would be proud.

  8. wow Chris for a first time, you sure knocked it out of the park. What a great piece!!! I am so excited for you and the whole box idea is super. What a delight to know you and participate in this hop with you.

  9. What a great piece - and your thought process behind it makes it even more fantastic.

  10. Wow! Your piece is breathtaking! I love the story behind it. I hope that you raise lots of money for your cause.

  11. Wow, that is super creative. I envy your ability on making bead embroidery, I made a few pieces, but yours is super.