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Saturday, December 7, 2013


Join the Fun!

It was only moments after signing up for the "I Love Clay" Blog Hop that I began questioning my sanity.  Who in their right mind adds more things onto their December "to do" list?  When I received my kit, even though I loved the beautiful antique pink floral focal by Southern Gal Designs and the assortment of white pearl beads that accompanied it, I had never worked in this color palette before and wasn't sure I could come up with the creative impulse needed to be successful.  Then one evening my incredible daughter arrived for Sunday dinner looking so amazing in a mixture of cream, browns and antique pink and unknowingly became my muse for this challenge.  Rebeccah, or Becca for short, is my youngest child of three and is literally one of the most incredible people I have ever met in my life.  Her name means "peacemaker" and she definitely embodies that title in every single facet of her life.  I am so blessed that God trusted me to be her mom and so privileged to also share her life as her friend.  This "peacemaker" cuff bracelet is made with so much love to honor this truly amazing young woman.  I love you more, Beccers!  *poom* 

Becca ~ my peacemaker

Thanks to our always incredible host, Lisa Lodge, A Grateful Artist, and all the other crazy, amazing artists who somehow found time in their busy holiday schedules to bring more beauty into this world.  Please join me in enjoying their offerings at the individual sites listed below.

Happy and peace-filled holidays to all of you! ~ chris

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  1. Beautiful cuff inspired by a beautiful daughter! I love how you framed the center clay with the pearls. Thanks for participating in the hop, Chris!

  2. What a nice inspiration! Your cuff is so beautiful, wow!!
    I am so impressed, I love it.
    And the colors are very nice.

  3. You just never know where your muse will give you inspiration. Love the finish piece!

  4. Gorgeous cuff! The pearls really make the ceramic stand out.

  5. Love your bracelet and the colors that you paired together. Stunning.

  6. Gorgeous! Looks like it would be comfortable to wear, too.

  7. Your bracelet is gorgeous!! I love the story behind your bracelet - your daughter is beautiful!